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Where would we be without the songwriters, the ones who can convey every emotion so perfectly through music? Life would certainly be less special without them for sure! This bundle pulls together four of the finest and most influential songwriters to ever put pen to paper, plectrum to guitar or fingers to a piano keys; from Buckley’s endlessly influential Grace, with its intricate guitars and soaring vocals, “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen stripping back as far as possible whilst hitting the emotional nail on the head with Nebraska and Carol King re-defining her career and song-craft in one fell swoop through her masterpiece that is Tapestry; these albums all left an indelible mark on the musical landscape. Oh, and then there’s Bob Dylan who pretty much changed everything in contemporary music for everyone, forever reaffirming his status as a true legend with his 7th album Blonde On Blonde, widely credited as one of the greatest records of all time.

Grace – Jeff Buckley

Blonde On Blonde – Bob Dylan

Tapestry – Carole King

Nebraska – Bruce Springsteen